Bulgaria-Türkiye programme grabbed the prize for the most original event on the ICDay 2023

The canoe & sailing training on the celebration of the Interreg Cooperation Day 2023 in Gökçetepe, Türkiye, seized the award for most original event in the Interact contest. The initiative rewards the best ideas in the organization of the ICDay.

Launch of the submission of full project proposals of identified concept notes under the Territorial Strategy of the Bulgaria-Türkiye programme

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works launches the second phase for application with full project proposals under the Territorial Strategy of the cross-border cooperation programme between Bulgaria and Türkiye. Only pre-defined applicants with already identified concept notes can submit full project proposals under the procedure.

41 project proposals have been submitted under Priority 1: “Environmentally friendly cross-border region”

The deadline for submitting project proposals under the open call for proposals under Priority 1: “Environmentally friendly cross-border region”, Specific objective 2.1 “Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions” and Specific objective 2.6 “Promoting the transition to a circular and resource efficient economy” has ended on March 20, 2