First call for project proposals under Priority 1

Presentations on the open call for SMEs

The Managing Authority of Bulgaria-Türkiye programme draws your attention on a bundle of presentations on the current call for proposals from priority 1 “Environmentally friendly cross-border region”. All you need to know in a nutshell on the preparation and implementation process can be found in the files below. Shall you plunge into a project submission, pay attention to the deadline – March 20.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Corrigendum to the Guidelines for Applicants under the Call for Project Proposals by Priority 1, "Environmentally Friendly Cross-Border Region" and extension of the deadline for project submission

Dear applicants and stakeholders, we would like to inform you that a corrigendum to the application guideline is attached below.

The modified package includes the following documents:
1. Guidelines for Applicants;
2. Attachment 1 - De minimis information sheet;
3. Annex A6 – De minimis – State aid declaration;
4. Attachment 6 and Attachment 7 – Evaluation and selection of applications
5. Revised Version of the Subsidy Contract.